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"Wounds Heal Slowly"

Chernobyl - Three Lives After

Zeichnung eines Mädchens

In a matter-of-fact and quiet manner, Dietrich Wegner (Semmenstedt, district of Wolfenbüttel) asks three girls to tell their experience; they describe their everyday life which sometimes is like any other child's everyday life: playful, uncomplicated and always a discovery journey. From time to time the "Chernobyl" issue flickers up, but when it does it seems as if it were the most natural thing, just the way children perceive their environment. The pictures have a direct connection with the text and, nevertheless, every single one of them is a piece of art in itself: expressive and impressive. The recreative stay in "Nadeshda" is what all three life stories have in common. This is where they were able to find hope...

This exhibition centres on Three Lives After, Three Lives After Chernobyl.

Showing 55 drawings and water-colour paintings and the corresponding short texts, Dietrich Wegner conveys the impressions he had during his 14-day visit in Belarus of the Chernobyl consequences for Belorussian children.

Book/CD about the exhibition

Books and CDs about the exhibition are also available with the subjects and texts. We kindly ask for a donation in order to cover our costs for material.

krankes Kind
  • Book
    Pictures and additional materials in book form.
    The book is in two languages (German/Russian)
    We kindly ask for a donation of € 15.
  • CD-Rom
    Book and folder of transparencies as PDF files on CD, running on all systems where a PDF displaying programme is available (e.g. Windows, Linux, MacOS)
    We kindly ask for a donation of € 5.
  • Folder of transparencies
    Pictures and texts in DIN A4 format on transparencies (for projection). One picture per transparency.
    We kindly ask for a donation of € 40.
  • A4 pictures
    Pictures and texts in DIN A4 format on photo paper (e.g. for decoration of info stands or similar occasions)
    We kindly ask for a donation of € 30.
Kindergruppe Upon request single transparencies or DIN A4 leaves are also available. Please send any requests to Paul Koch (E-mail: tschernobyl-initiative.schoepp@onlinehome.de, postal adress: Contact).

Rental of the exhibition

From July 2003 the exhibition can also be rented: Rental of this exhibition

Pictures on this page

  • Above right
    Picture shows the 15-year-old Irina Kowaljowa who was born in a small village on the border to the Ukraine (Homel region), one of the book's three main characters
  • Centre left
    Picture shows Julja who suffers from cancer (thyroid cancer), in the cancer hospital of Minsk
  • Below right
    Picture shows a group of children in the recovery home Nadeshda
All pictures can be zoomed in with a click.

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