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Tschernobyl-Initiative in der Propstei Schöppenstedt e.V.
Humanitarian Aid for Belarus, from 2007

At its last meeting, the Board of the "Tschernobyl-Initiative in der Propstei Schöppenstedt e.V." debated at length the problems of humanitarian aid for Belarus.

Firstly, the Chairman was able to report on the arrival of the last transport (17.11.2006) and also that the Belarussian Customs authority and the Department for Humanitarian Aid have since released the load for distribution.

In Year 20 after the Chernobyl catastrophe, we as an organisation are faced with the following problem: the ever-increasing cost of transport (the last transport, in November, cost 2950 Euros. That was more than the previous one in May).
At the same time, donations of money are declining. This forces us to put our humanitarian aid under close scrutiny.

After a detailed report from the Chairman about the previous transports, and of the sequence of events from contact with our partner until Customs clearance, consideration was given to a change necessary from 2007.

It will be necessary to check the quality of donated goods more strictly, i.e. that as far as possible before receipt it is clear whether the clothing, shoes, toys etc. are in a condition to be sent on without further work.
Before special aid items are accepted, the partner in Belarus will be contacted, to confirm whether such aid is required.
Donated aid which is accepted will be sorted more strictly than previously, and if there is any doubt, rejected.

As instead of 4-6 transports per year, in future we will probably only be able to finance 2-3 transports, it is also unavoidable that the acceptance rules will have to be changed. The gift of aid which, fortunately, continues to be available to us must be curtailed, because we are not able to accept more than a certain amount of aid donations. The Board will consider this further and advise conclusive rules at its next sitting in January.

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