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Our clothing Store

Throughout the year we receive many donations of various types of aid, which have to be packed and stored until the next aid transport.

Since 1991, the Koch family from Watzum have made part of their barn available to us as storage space. What was initially considered a temporary measure has since developed into a long-term solution. However, much modification and renovation was needed to create a good, useful storage space. This work was carried out almost exclusively by volunteer helpers, who put countless hours of work into the clothing Store. Kleiderkammer

As a first step, in 1997 the Naumann company laid a waterproof concrete floor on the left hand side of the barn.

Then a year later, in 1998, secondhand industrial shelving was acquired and erected. Electric lighting was also installed.

After March 1988's aid transport, the clothing Store was sufficiently empty to allow work to begin on sealing the roof and reinforcing the loft floor. At the same time, dividing walls were erected to create an enclosed space. It was during this work that the picture on the right was taken.

This work was finished in Autumn 1998, and on 28th November 1998 the completion of this section of the building was marked with a small celebration.

In 1999 the work progressed only very slowly; the main problems being lack of time, and the fact that the clothing Store was constantly very full.

On 12.01. und 13.01.2000 the long-awaited concrete floor was laid on the right hand side of the clothing Store - a donation from the Kösterbau company. In 2000 the loft floor was strengthened to allow the storage of aid, and another dividing wall was built.

Further work to make the clothing Store watertight was carried out in 2001. And there were lots of smaller tasks, from the greasing of the barn doors to the installation of more lighting.

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