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Our symbol - the crane

Vereinslogo According to a Japanese legend, the crane lives for a thousand years and is a symbol of luck and health. If a folded crane is given away in Japan, it means that the person giving the present wishes the receiver to have luck and be healthy for a thousand years. From here on, it is not a great step until the saying told people being seriously ill in Japan:

You have to fold a thousand cranes - then you will become healthy again.

In her book "SADAKO and the thousand paper cranes", Eleanor Coerr tells the story of a japanese girl suddenly developing leukaemia due to the atomic bomb of Hiroshima. She reports about the suffering and the fear of the child when the disease breaks out and she has to be brought into hospital. "Do you remember the old story of the crane?", Chizuko asked, "It is supposed to reach an age of a thousand years. If a sick person folds a thousand paper cranes, the gods grant him a wish and make him recover."

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