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The society was established in April 1994, with presently more than 220 members, including a church community, a pupil's representation, several women's helpers, a community society of the German Red Cross, the establishment of recreation and education Asse and the church youth organization Propsteijugend Schöppenstedt. The society originated from the activities of the Protestant Youth (Evangelische Jugend) of the Propstei Schöppenstedt. The purpose and objective of the society is to keep the Chernobyl catastrophe and its consequences from falling into oblivion and to give people affected by it in Belarus non-material and material support. The society is a member of the social welfare society Diakonisches Werk of the national church in Braunschweig and is approved by the fiscal authority of Wolfenbüttel as charitable society. We are pleased to send you the rules of our society and the declaration of accession upon request.
Members of our society are primarily individuals living in the region. But we also have members throughout Germany, England and Belarus, as well as ex-pat Norwegians and Americans living in Germany. As an outpost of our society, the Bechstedt/Ziemer family is active in Kassel. Furthermore, many committed individuals from various professional groups are part of our society.

We are now focusing on recuperation for children and humanitarian assistance.

Recuperation for children: Each second year about 30 children from Belarus come to us to for a four weeks recovery stay. On normal working day they live in the Falkenheim in Groß Denkte (administrative district of Wolfenbüttel). Apart playing, doing handicrafts, making music there are several actions and sightseeing on the program. At the weekends the children are staying with host families

Humanitarian assistance (aid transports): We collect clothes, textiles, toys, wheel chairs, etc. throughout the year. Several times a year, aid transports are put together. Mostly we intend to have four transports a year. Often there are more collected donations, that we could have even more transports, but in general we do not have the money for that. We are therefor always grateful for purpose bound ("Hilfstransport") money donations!

Internet group. Younger society members have worked out a website for the Chernobyl Initiative. The internet group takes care of regular updates of our internet information.

Another important wish of us is to inform about the disaster of Chernobyl and its consequenses in order to not forget. Therefore in often cooperation with other institutions, we organize events and issue publications. Of course we are pleased to give you any information at any time, do not hesitate to ask us!

Co-workers, co-travellers, and new, interested members are always heartily welcome!

Our organisation

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